About us

The Faraji Dialysis Foundation requires assistance in setting up a potentially life saving project that could benefit hundreds of patients in need of quality dialysis care in rural Kenya. Kenya is home to roughly 45 million people. With an annual population growth of about 2.7% and a rural population of 34 million, there is a great need for this medical service especially in the rural areas where it is non-existent. The patients have to travel to the major city medical facilities to get dialysis and even so have to endure long delays in getting the service as the facilities are overstretched with a limited capacity.

The number of rural poor represent more than 33% of the population at 16.7 million. The rural poor cannot afford medical services, especially dialysis and therefore represent a population in need of affordable  services. According to statistics from rural poverty.org, the health expenditure is 4.5% of GDP. The rural population in Kenya have low access to medical care which has led to a prevalence of stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) cases. These people require dialysis services yet they cannot readily access  and/or afford it.

You can help fulfill our mission by contributing funds or in-kind donations in the form of used functional equipment.  Funds from the campaign will be used to set up a dialysis clinic in rural Kisii, including hiring, training personnel, education and screening programs for kidney diseases.  We aim to provide dialysis services by December 2018.


To relieve vulnerable families the heavy financial burden resulting from kidney diseases and the needed dialysis services by providing quality dialysis care to this rural population.


To provide affordable quality dialysis services that is accessible to the needy rural population in Gusii region suffering from kidney diseases.